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Call for Experimental Radical Films

Send the RFN the link to your film to be included… 

During the Covid lockdown the Radical Film Network participated twice in Leshu Torchin’s ‘themed playlist project’ at the Centre for Screen Culture at St Andrews University in Scotland. The RFN lists were sent to scholars, researchers and students around the world via networks such as VisEv (Visible Evidence), BAFTSS (British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies), MeCCSA (Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association), Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This was part of our drive to make RFN films more visible to the world.

Then, we categorised our work in four separate areas as Political, Environmental, Experimental and Community and we provided links to RFN tasters, trailers and shorts.

Now, we would like to hone in on each area separately, but one at a time. Given the loss in the last short period of important experimental and vanguard filmmakers such as Michael Snow, Godard, Straub/Huillet, Jonas Mekas and others, this particular call out is for radical experimental/avant-garde and artists’ films only. The lists work best with a maximum of 10 films, but we can send more than one list. There is no limit to the length of the films, so features are welcome too. Although it would be great to see recent work, there is no date limit as to when you made the films.

Please explain in a short (three-line max) synopsis, what it is that you consider radical about your work in terms of film form and experimentation. We do recognise that not all experimental films are radical and that all radical films are not experimental. We would like, in this case, to emphasise work with film form and film language which enables and encourages agency in the viewer, including cross-platform genres.

If you haven’t already put your film on the RFN Film site, please do. Here is how to do it. Please encourage friends and colleagues who make experimental work to join the RFN (see ‘mailing list’ on RFN website) and add their work to the RFN film library. If your film is already in distribution and there is a viewing charge then please put that link on the RFN site.

In your reply, please respond to both myself (Clive Myer) and Mike Dunford (please copy us both in):


Go to the RFN home page –

click on ‘FILMS’ and fill out the drop-down form under ‘Add a film’.

Finally, you can place as many of your films as you like on the RFN site but please only choose ­one of your films to be included in the playlist.

We look forward to receiving a link to your work,

Clive Myer

Mike Dunford

RFN Steering Group, Distribution & Experimental Film





Eclectic Films News:

The Mire Archive won 'Best Original Story' and Maurice El Medioni: The Birth of PianOriental has won 'Best Sound Design'at the 2022 Budapest Film Festival!

Since our recent award of 'Best Music in a Feature Documentary' for Maurice El Medioni: The Birth of PianOriental at the Global Nonviolent Film Festival 2020 our four most recent major films - The Orchard, The Portrait, Maurice El Medioni and The Mire Archive have all been taken up as Video On Demand on the new Global Cinema Channel, which launched on April 15th 2021. Here's the link to the films:

We hope you'll enjoy watching them and would welcome any comments or feedback to

Keep safe

Clive and Lynda

The Mire Archive  The Orchard
 Maurice El Medioni: The Birth of PianOriental  The Portrait
 Dorothy Carrington Song of the Falklands